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CD recordings from DOUG DAY 

Doug Day Ministries

P.O. Box 127

Milford, OH 45150


Phone 1-810-338-6214

"I pray that these songs would sooth your heart with the love of God. Thank you,  Lord Bless!"    


Please make checks and money orders payable to Doug Day.


All CDs and USB drives are $15.00 each.  

Please include $2.00 shipping for each CD or USB drives

Sorry, we are temporarily out of CDs. Only USB drives are available

Click the blue button to hear a sampling of 9 of the songs from these latest two Doug Day albums. Included are the songs:  Thinkin' Bout Home, Just a Closer Walk With Thee, He's My Wonderful Lord, Everlasting River, Wish You Were Here, Jesus is Everything, It Matters to Him, Only Believe, Way Down in My Soul.

2010 - present


"It Took A Miracle"

  • Thinkin' 'bout Home

  • One pair of Hands

  • Just a closer Walk

  • It took a Miracle

  • God Bless America Again

  • Jesus my wonderful Lord

  • Touch of the Master 

  • The broken Rose

  • I Believe

  • He restoreth my Soul

  • Well Done

2010 - present

Everlasting River for website.jpg

"Everlasting River"

  • Jesus is Everything    

  • Who am I

  • Wish you were here

  • It matters to Him

  • Make me Holy for You

  • Everlasting River

  • Only Believer

  • Jesus never left me

  • I Know someone who Cares

  • Don't say no to Jesus

"He Gave Me A Song"

  • Love Came Down​     

  • Oh What Grace

  • Sowing the Seed

  • Such as Me

  • Closer than a Brother

  • I Cried unto Him

  • Way Down in My Soul

  • Behold, Now is the Time

  • How Much More Jesus Cares

  • Gloryland Song

  • I'm One Step Closer to Home

"When the Morning Comes"

  • Do You Know My Jesus

  • Sustaining Grace

  • When the Morning Comes

  • If That Isn't Love

  • Closer Than a Brother

  • It Won't Rain Always

  • His Hand in Mine

  • In the Garden

  • Just A Closer Walk

  • He Came Down

  • When He Was On the Cross

  • I'll Be With My Lord

"He's My Wonderful Lord"

  • He Touched Me

  • I'm Sheltered In The Arms of God

  • I Worship You

  • Walk The Narrow Road

  • Farther Along

  • He's Everything To Me

  • Then I Met The Master

  • I Want To Be Like My Lord

  • One Pair Of Hands

  • You'll Never Walk Alone

  • I ask The Lord

  • He's My Wonderful Lord*










"I Love to Tell OF My Saviour's Love"

  • I Love To Tell

  • He Chose Me

  • Master Of The Sea

  • Don't Say No To Jesus

  • Without Him

  • Oh Happy Day

  • I Call It Home

  • Lord, I Know

  • I Don't Know How They Make It

  • How Great Thou Art










  • Long Time Ago

  • Born To Die

  • Christmas Means Heaven To Me

  • Keep The Joybells Ringing

  • From Heaven He Came

  • Silent Night

  • My Christmas Dream

  • Mary Did You Know

  • Oh Holy Night

  • I'll Tell The World

"I'll Tell the World"

"Now Sings My Soul"

  • I've Been With Jesus

  • I Cried Unto Him*

  • I Shall Not Be Moved

  • Farther Along

  • The Shepard Came

  • Precious Lord

  • He

  • Gloryland Song*

  • Oh What Grace*

  • How Great Thou Art

"I will Sing Unto the Lord"


  • Way Down In My Soul*

  • I Give You Freedom

  • How Much More*

  • Closer Than A Brother*

  • Mary Did You Know

  • God Bless America, Again*

  • Wish You Were Here

  • Gloryland Song*

  • How Great Thou Art

  • The Shepherd Came

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